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 Elgart/Yates Guitar Duo: Music of the 20th Century

Elgart/Yates Guitar Duo: Music of the 20th Century




The debut full-length recording by the astonishing Elgart & Yates Duo. This LP is an audiophile analog recording.


Certainly one can tell from their tremendous playing technique that this pair of American guitarists has nothing to fear from their duo competitors.

Neue Zeitschrift für Musik (Germany)

I'd drive a hundred miles to hear them anytime.

George Warren (Soundboard) (USA)

  1. Stravinsky: Spanish Suite (Zarzuela, Arietta, Notturno, Danza, Lullaby, Jota) (1971)
  2. Hauer: Zwölftonspiel
  3. Norman: Samba, Glad Rag, Kolo
  4. Hindemith: Boston, Ragtime (1922)
  5. Elgart: Laseter (for prepared guitars) (1983)
  1. Yates: Lunch Music (for prepared guitars) (1984)
  2. Stravinsky: Eight Pieces ("Les Cinq Doigts") (1921)
  3. Sibelius: Sonatine Nr. 3 Op. 67
  4. Krenek: from Eight Pieces for Two Guitars (Scherzo, Air, Waltz, Toccata) (1946)
  5. Wilson: Bluegrass