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 Elgart/Yates Guitar Duo: Sinfonia

Elgart/Yates Guitar Duo: Sinfonia




The follow-up recording to the pioneering Music of the 20th Century, this breathtaking CD includes compositions by Baroque and 20th-century composers, including an original composition by Krenek for two guitars and transcriptions by Theodore Norman, Matthew Elgart, Peter Yates, and Arthur Levering. A highlight is "Django's Dream," a note-for-note transcription of a solo improvisation by Django Reinhardt on a Debussy theme.

  1. Poulenc: Mouvements perpêtuels
  2. Scriabin: Five Preludes Op. 11 (nrs. 17, 21, 23, 15, 1)
  3. Claude Debussy/Django Reinhardt: Django's Theme
  4. Stravinsky: Sonatina Sesta (Homage á Guillaume de Machaut)
  5. Wolf: Two Songs (Weyla's Song, Standchen)
  6. Scarlatti: Two Sonatas (K. 54, K. 377)
  7. Tartini: Two Fugues Op. 1
  1. Stravinsky: March, Waltz, Polka
  2. Krenek: Animato from Op. 172
  3. Krenek: Canon á 2 from Op. 172
  4. Krenek: Allegretto from Op. 172
  5. Krenek: Allegro from Op. 172
  6. Bach: Sinfonia