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Peter Yates: String Drum Codex

Peter Yates: String Drum Codex
Solo Etudes for Prepared Guitar



NOW ALSO AVAILABLE AS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD! String Drum Codex is a collection of eight solo guitar pieces, all of which require the instrument to be prepared with the same eight objects. This allows them to be performed individually or as a suite lasting about eleven minutes. The works range from atmospheric soundscapes to rhythmical grooves, and include occasional opportunities to improvise. The book itself is a work of unusual calligraphic art in which musical elements, such as note-heads, accidentals, fingerings, and ornaments are hand printed using hand-carved stamps. This, along with the arcane treasure hunt aspect of obtaining objects and preparing the guitar, give the product a neo-medieval look and flavor, hence the use of the term "Codex" in the title. These pieces of prepared guitar music are recorded on the Ultimate Gazebo CD.

  1. Yates: Widow's Walk
  2. Yates: Bird House
  3. Yates: Mumbo Jumbo
  4. Yates: Thumb and Finger Pie
  1. Yates: Scrimshaw Bone
  2. Yates: Ultimate Gazebo
  3. Yates: Inner Hum
  4. Yates: Joy Buzzer