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Peter Yates: Ultimate Gazebo

Peter Yates: Ultimate Gazebo
Music for guitar (acoustic, electric, microtonal, and prepared)




Ultimate Gazebo combines eight pieces of solo prepared guitar music (String Drum Codex, 2005), seven solo appropriated folksongs (2006), and five pieces for voice and just-intonated tri-cone National steel resonator guitar (Quips, 2007, written for and dedicated to John Schneider). Tracks 04 and 20 intercut between different solo performances; in track 11 a chorus of true believers joins in, and in track 17 four performances of the same solo piece are presented simultaneously. From time to time, crickets, crows, mockingbirds, and wild parrots interject celebrations of sound.

  1. Yates: Mumbo Jumbo
  2. Yates: The Day Before (text by Oscar Levant)
  3. Yates: What Shall We Do?
  4. Yates: Widow's Walk
  5. Yates: Man's Best Friend (text by Groucho Marx)
  6. Yates: Sundry Spoutings
  7. Yates: Inner Hum
  8. Yates: 17–23 (text by Mark Twain)
  9. Yates: Aleluia
  10. Yates: Scrimshaw Bone
  1. Yates: Is Is (text by George Orwell)
  2. Yates: Now I See
  3. Yates: Thumb and Finger Pie
  4. Yates: Is That It? (text by Franz Kafka)
  5. Yates: Jason's Key
  6. Yates: Bird House
  7. Yates: Chará Cacúla
  8. Yates: Ultimate Gazebo
  9. Yates: Jump Down
  10. Yates: Joy Buzzer