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 Modern Arts Guitar Quartet: Recordings 1991–1995

Modern Arts Guitar Quartet: Recordings 1991–1995

CD/DVD Combo



This deluxe edition CD/DVD embodies the best work of the Modern Arts Guitar Quartet. The audio CD was re-mastered from their one and only CD release, together with additional material from previously unreleased live and studio recordings, including James Phillipsen's Quartet No. 1 and Lawrence Schwedler's "Imaginary Career." The DVD documents their final concert on 16 June 1995 at UCLA's Jan Popper Theatre. Package Includes: CD and DVD, deluxe 6-panel wallet design, 12-page booklet with full program notes, history, biographies and photos. Tracks listed below are for the CD; the DVD includes music by Claude Debussy, Peter Yates, James Phillipsen, Ernst Krenek, Buzz Gravelle, Nicolas Juárez, Igor Stravinsky, and Bill Weingarden. Note: the digital download from Bandcamp does not include the contents of the DVD, only the audio CD.

  1. Marsh: Three Contraptions
  2. Gravelle: They Go on Mumbling ... (an elegy for John Cage) (for four prepared guitars) (1993)
  3. Phillipsen: Quartet Nr. 2 (1992)
  4. Elgart: Left (1991)
  5. Yates: Devil's Gate (1991)
  1. Norman: Posada (1993)
  2. Juárez: Dibijos sobre el tema de la guitarra (1978)
  3. Phillipsen: Quartet Nr. 1 (1991)
  4. Schwedler: Imaginary Career (1993)