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Peter Yates: PopArt Songs, Volume 1

Peter Yates: PopArt Songs, Volume 1




Twelve songs, with texts by seven Victorians, four cranks, and a crone, each performed in two different versions: with The Playful Consort (Tom Flaherty, cello; Cynthia Fogg, viola; Dave Koplin, percussion; Genevieve Feiwen Lee, piano; Theresa Dimond, percussion; Janine Riveire, contrabass; Joti Rockwell, mandolin; Nadia Shpachenko, harpsichord; The UCLA Guitar Chamber Class; Abigail Villalta, operatic voice; Penelope Yates, cabaret voice; Peter Yates, arpeggione, guitar, electric guitar, percussion, voice) and with Peter Yates as a one-man band on guitar, kazoo, and foot-shaker.

  1. Yates: G-String Fetish/Free Love (text by Karl Marx)
  2. Yates: Sport Motorcycles
  3. Yates: Gimme 6 (text by Lincoln)
  4. Yates: Birdstrikes
  5. Yates: Glad Morning (text by John Muir)
  6. Yates: Endless Tales
  1. Yates: Four Crows (text by Black Elk)
  2. Yates: Tainted Seafood
  3. Yates: Transparent Eyeball (text by Emerson)
  4. Yates: Whispering Sedge (text by Thoreau)
  5. Yates: Crone Song (text by Beatrice Wood)
  6. Yates: Parasol Moves (text by Darwin)