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 Norman Legacy Ensemble: Theodore Norman Legacy Concerts

Norman Legacy Ensemble: Theodore Norman Legacy Concerts



DVD of video selections from the 2012 Theodore Norman Legacy Concerts, performed in Los Angeles on the 100th anniversary of the noted Los Angeles composer/guitarist's birth. In HD and high-resolution stereo audio. Performers: Alan Berman (guitar), Buzz Gravelle (guitar, mandolin), Walter Marsh (guitar), Peter Yates (guitar, arpeggione, voice, kazoo, percussion); Alexandra Grabarchuk (voice, toy piano, kazoo).

  1. Norman: Posada (1993)
  2. Norman: Toccata
  3. Norman: March
  4. Norman: Two Twelve-Tone Pieces for Guitar
  5. Yates: Others
  6. Yates: Be Kind
  7. Yates: How Pleasant
  8. Yates: Alabama Vest
  9. Norman: Two Moods in Twelve-Tone
  10. Gravelle: Fretless Study Nr. 1
  1. Gravelle: The Proper Day
  2. Norman: Suite for Two Guitars (II–IV)
  3. Gravelle: Canticle
  4. Marsh: Two Pieces for Guitar Duo and Narrator on Texts by Arnold Schoenberg
  5. Yates: How Pleasant
  6. Norman: Mambo
  7. Norman: Kolo
  8. Gravelle: They Go on Mumbling . . . (excerpt)
  9. Norman: Homage to Val Burton