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Les Copines: The Mélodies of Erik Satie & Reynaldo Hahn

Les Copines: The Mélodies of Erik Satie & Reynaldo Hahn (CD)

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A stunning collection of songs by the Venezuelan/French composer Hahn and his contemporary Satie, all transcribed for guitars (classical and solid body electric) by Los Angeles guitarist Chelsea Green and performed by Green with soprano Risa Larson, "Les Copines." Note: Scores for the Hahn songs in this collection are available here: Ten Songs for Voice and Guitar. The Satie scores are here: Six Mélodies for Voice and Guitar

This recording was partially funded by a grant from the American University in Cairo.

  1. Hahn: L'heure exquise
  2. Hahn: Offrande
  3. Hahn: Rêverie
  4. Hahn: Séraphine
  5. Satie: Les Anges
  6. Satie: Elégie
  7. Satie: Sylvie
  8. Hahn: Lydé
  1. Hahn: Salinum
  2. Hahn: Vile Potabis
  3. Satie: Chanson
  4. Satie: Air du poète
  5. Satie: Les Fleurs
  6. Hahn: Fumé
  7. Hahn: Infidélité
  8. Hahn: Si mes vers avaient des ailes