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ensembleFRET: Stuck in Your Head

ensembleFRET: Stuck in Your Head




The premiere recording of the Los Angeles-based ensemble of fretted instrument players Peter Yates, Buzz Gravelle, and Walter Marsh with guest vocalist Alexandra Grabarchuk. Most of the compositions on this recording were written for the ensemble, which features guitars, mandolin, arepeggione, and toy piano.

  1. Norman: Glad Rag
  2. Norman: Go Go Boogie
  3. Norman: Kolo
  4. Norman: Mambo
  5. Norman: March
  6. Norman: Polluted Ducks
  7. Norman: Samba
  8. Norman: Tango
  1. Gravelle: Zero’s Vinyl
  2. Hindemith: Rondo
  3. Marsh: Tonegraft 1
  4. Marsh: Tonegraft 2
  5. Marsh: Tonegraft 3
  6. Eister: Sleep Another Night
  7. Grasse: Sete Letras
  8. Yates: Stuck in Your Head