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Reynaldo Hahn: Ten Songs for Voice and Guitar

Reynaldo Hahn: Ten Songs for Voice and Guitar


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NEW SECOND EDITION, now also available as a digital download. Songs for high voice and guitar by the Venezuelan French composer who was a contemporary of Satie, Ravel, and Stravinsky, lover of Marcel Proust, and composer of over a hundred songs. These ten were transcribed by Chelsea Green. Lyrics are poems by Victor Hugo, Paul Verlaine, Théophile Gautier, Heinrich Heine, Leconte de Lisle, and Jean Moréas. All 10 songs are on the Les Copines CD.

New second edition, 9x12in ("Concert") format, ideal for viewing on iPad.

  1. Hahn: Rêverie
  2. Hahn: Si mes vers avaient des ailes
  3. Hahn: L'heure exquise
  4. Hahn: Infidélité
  5. Hahn: Offrande
  1. Hahn: Séraphine
  2. Hahn: Salinum
  3. Hahn: Lydé
  4. Hahn: Vile Potabis
  5. Hahn: Fumé