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Buzz Gravelle: They Go on Mumbling . . . (An Elegy for John Cage)

Buzz Gravelle: They Go on Mumbling . . . (An Elegy for John Cage): For four prepared classical guitars

NEW EDITION, available September 2021! Newly engraved, with new diagrams and explanations on the preparations. Will also be available as a digital download. Print version includes two complete performance scores. They Go on Mumbling. . . is for four classical guitars to which items are either attached directly to the strings or inserted in between the strings and the guitar in order to alter the usual sound of the guitar. This is one of the first, if not the first, quartet of prepared guitar music ever published. Note that much care has been taken to ensure that none of the preparations are harmful in any way. Because many of the prepared sounds are soft, it is suggested to amplify performances taking place in large spaces. Note: the entire work is on both the Modern Arts Guitar Quartet CD/DVD and the Buzz Gravelle Original Compositions CD.